Dr Shola’s 6 Month 4-Step Physician Complete Life, Makeover

Work With Me To Elevate And Recharge Your Life Relationships and Business!

A six-month program that will help you to be clear on your purpose, align yourself with your goals, and create a profitable stream of income.

A.  Discovery of you

  1. Personality tests designed to uncover the real you.
  2. Deep dive discovery to pick apart what you have discovered, what scares you, and what encourages you about your tests.

  3. Assessment of how your personality traits may have helped you, hindered you, or are no longer serving you.

B. Discovery of purpose

  1. Assessment of how your personality, talents, and learned skills are all aligning to bring you to a place of purpose.

  2. Assessment of where you see yourself in the world and what you want to achieve.
  3. Starting to put together your vision board.

C. Discovery of relationships (you need a support system to achieve anything)

  1. Relationship assessment tools to help you define all the closest relationships in your life

  2. Relationship assignment tool to help you decipher how to distribute your time, energy, and resources in your relationships.
  3. Defining your support system and knowing who they are.

What I expect from you:

  1. Completion and submission of all assessments within two weeks of starting the program.

  2. Starting your vision board.

  3. Completion of my support system relationship assessment tool with top 10 relationships.

  4. Completion of pre-session forms.
  5. Completion of homework.

At the end of the discovery phase, you will get and agreement with:

  1. Your top five personality traits.

  2. Statement of purpose which we will work on together.

  3. A statement of your top five relationships which we will both put together.

Using the background from the discovery phase we will do the following:

  1. Goals: Your life goals, based on your life purpose will be outlined.

  2. Plans: specific plans will be tailored to meet your outlines goals.
  3. Strategy: specific strategy will be outlined to carry out the plants above.

  4. Timelines for achieving of short-term, long-term, and mid term goals will be outlined.

  5. Nine self-directed video modules followed by written modules containing synopsis, action steps, and powerful questions.

  6. Recommended reading of for specific books to guide your journey.

What I expect from you:

  1. Read all Recommended books by the end of step 2.
  2. Complete video modules by the end of step 2.

  3. Completion of your vision board
  4. Completion of your vision book
  5. Start to use a planner (I prefer a Google Calendar color-coded)
  6. Completion of homework.

At the end of the strategize phase, you will get an agreement with:

  1. A roadmap to your outlined goals
  2. A summary of all the video modules.
  1. We will work with the specific plans outlined in the roadmap.
  2. You will have accountability to reach your goals in a timely fashion.

  3. We will go back to the drawing board when needed
  4. You will learn consistency and implementation through leveraging the power of incremental change.

  5. You will become skillful at organizing your life around your priorities.

  6. You will learn how to prevent burnout in your life, work, and purpose.

  7. You will get time management tools.

What I expect from you:

  1. Implementation of strategies discussed

  2. Being open about all and any impediments to implementation

  3. Asking for help whenever it is needed.

  4. Completion of homework.

At the end of the activate phase, you will get an agreement with

  1. An outline of everything we have learned

  2. What do you have achieved so far.
  3. A summary of plans and goals going forward.
  4. Putting together your 10 year plan.

Because we all know that new habits and behaviors can sometimes be hard to sustain, you can continue to work with me during a course correction phase.

This consists of:

  1. Going over previous material as needed.

  2. Coaching sessions for motivation, support, encouragement, and development of new ideas.
  3. Keeping you on track with accountability, consistency, organization, and time management

The coaching process:

  1. Video calls per month over FaceTime or Skype.

  2. A follow up email within one week with: a synopsis of the session, a pre-session form for the next session, and homework with completion deadlines.

  3. A text or email reminder the day before our session.

  4. Relevant assessments, tools, and agreements will be sent as needed so as not to overwhelm with all at once.

  5. Access to me via phone, email, and text.

What I expect from you:

  1. Showing up physically, energetically, mentally, and emotionally to each session.

  2. Punctuality.
  3. Use of specific client only email to communicate with me, so that we can reach each other quickly.

  4. Timely communication if rescheduling is needed.

  5. Zero to minimal last-minute rescheduling.

  6. Completion of homework in a timely fashion.
  1. Gyrate Life Course (Video Course)
  2. Purpose and Prosperity Outside The “Medicine Box”(Video Course)
  3. Physician Heal Yourself Book
  4. Book recommendations for your personal development

Welcome Home!

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