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Physician burnout is real, it's an epidemic, and it is

Welcome to the multi-talented MD’s guide to monetizing your talents and producing multiple streams of income in a way that is authentic, fun and stress free! Welcome to Purpose and Prosperity Outside the “Medicine Box”.

As doctors, we often internalize the faults of medical systems that were not designed to protect us in the first place. With that comes weariness, stress and wondering: Is this all there is?

The answer is: NO

Or maybe you are doing ok in your job but you have other underutilized gifts and talents. You want to explore those areas, but you don’t think you have the bandwidth, time or energy. You ask yourself: Is medicine all that I have to spend my life doing?

The answer is: NO

Both of the above scenarios lead to burnout and an unfulfilled life.

Act now and join hundreds of physicians pursuing life on their own terms,
outside the "MEDICINE BOX"!

Course fee $797!

I love her balance nuggets. They are things you knew deep down but just need someone to put it into words. Thanks for taking the time and efforts to do this.
Uche Njiaju; Doctor, Author, Child Advocate


Instead of doing the same thing and expecting a different result, how about a straight-to-the-point, no BS course that will, introduce you to some “out-of-the-box” concepts, show you practical strategies that actually work; and launch you into your next level?


This video course is for you if you are a doctor who wants to:

  • Leverage their unique gifts and talents.
  • Create multiple streams of income.
  • Defeat burnout, imposter syndrome and perfectionism.
  • “Do it all” stress free!

course outline

Course includes over 20 video lectures ranging from 3 to 20 minutes in length.
Lectures include PDF downloads with powerful questions and action steps to take action right away!

Summary of transformational content

  • Who is a poly math and why are we unique
  • How to know your calling
  • How to grow in your calling and build it into an income stream
  • Myths that keep doctors inside the box
  • The debunking of those myths
  • To choose your path based on what YOUR want out of life, rather than on societal expectations
  • How perfectionism and imposter syndrome are a “disaster duo”
  • How to rid yourself of crippling self doubt
  • How to defeat limiting beliefs about money
  • Some practical addiontal income streams that you can take advatage of
  • Why you should be making more money
  • How to develop a brand
  • How to change your mindset around “self promotion”
  • How to effectively be noticed without being “salesy”
  • How to develop an idea for your book
  • How to write and self publish you book
  • How to stand out as an authority on your book topic
  • How to stop being “so sacrificial” for stress freedom
  • How to say no to things that are no priority
  • How to prioritize common sense over tradition

What you will accomplish

  1. Identify the things that you fell called to do
  2. Identify myths that keep multi-talented MD’s playing small
  3. Overcome perfectionism and imposter syndrome
  4. Get an overview of multiple streams of income
  5. Identify which streams of income are suited to you
  6. Learn how to launch a “non-MD” brand from scratch
  7. Box your brilliance and write a book
  8. Create a stress-free life while doing all of this

Course fee $797!

Your Instructor:

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli is the multi-talented founder and CEO of Balance with Dr. Shola LLC and the Physician Heal Yourself brand. Known for her vibrant personality and innovative approach to physician coaching, Dr. Shola is passionate about helping early to mid-career physicians create lives of more wealth, autonomy, freedom, and fun through her work as a professional coach, speaker, and author.

As a triple licensed Internal Medicine Doctor with nearly twenty years of clinical experience, Dr. Shola understands the unique challenges of the medical profession. After witnessing her high-achieving colleagues suffer under the intense pressure that comes with a career in medicine, Dr. Shola decided she wanted to do more to support her fellow doctors ease the burdens of high stress and beat burnout. This desire led her to explore her interests and talents outside of medicine and use them to help her colleagues.

To advance her mission of helping the physician community, Dr. Shola began her career as a professional coach. She is ICF-trained and offers a variety of programs designed specifically to help her physician clients achieve their dreams. A firm believer that physicians can achieve a level of balance and harmony by exploring their diverse range of talents outside of medicine, Dr. Shola helps clients focus on a variety of topics including personal growth, productivity, entrepreneurship, marketing, and many more. She encourages and guides her clients through the process of identifying and capitalizing on their unique talents, so they can lead happy, productive lives, free of stress and burnout.

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