Rock Your Medical Career

Don’t settle for a life of burnout and unfulfillment!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and unfulfilled in your medical career?

You’re not alone. Many physicians struggle to balance the demands of their careers with their personal lives, leading to burnout and a loss of passion for the profession they once loved. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing Rock Your Medical Career, a powerful 6-month coaching program designed specifically for physicians like you, who are ready to take control of their lives and careers. With Rock Your Medical Career, you’ll finally have the tools that you need to create a fulfilling and satisfying medical career that is free from burnout.

We invite you to dive into the detailed insights and benefits of Rock Your Medical Career. Learn how joining today will empower you on your journey to a more rewarding medical career by watching the video on the right. 

We invite you to dive into the detailed insights and benefits of Rock Your Medical Career. Learn how joining today will empower you on your journey to a more rewarding medical career by watching the video below. 

Led by Dr. Shola Ezeokoli, Internist and Physician Coach, this program will help you balance your personal and professional lives, manage stress and burnout in a healthy and productive way, enhance your leadership and management skills, grow your professional value and income, and create a clear vision for your medical career that you can bring to life.

This Program Includes…

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What People Are Saying…

“In working with Dr. Shola I discovered that it wasn’t that I no longer wanted to be a doctor. I just wanted to figure out what my frustrations were, what we’re causing me to be super overwhelmed and then systematically work on ways to meet my short term and long term goals. When I met Dr. Shola I had decided I wanted to transition out of clinical medicine, to a non clinical role, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research and didn’t really know much more than that. “How do I start? How do I do what I’ve been doing all along and break into this new field?” And, with Dr. Shola’s help, we did it. We came up with a plan. I figured out why I wanted to do this transition and figured out what was more suited to my personality. We worked through networking, finding jobs, applying and the interview process. I have completed my tenure with my previous job, was able to successfully transition out of that position. I’ve started my new job as a medical monitor. I was successfully able to visualize what I wanted, why I wanted to do it, and now have been successful in finding a job in that field. Thank you Dr. Shola!”
Dr. Saran Wells
Pediatrician, Infectious Disease Specialist and Medical Monitor
“I’m a family medicine resident and had just gotten promoted to my second year and I was having some struggles in my program and some struggles with my own self confidence. Dr. Shola helped me to get to where I am now. Now I feel like I’m a lot more confident in myself. She gave me the tools to help me build my confidence and self esteem. I think it’s a constant struggle that a lot of physicians deal with and her coaching has definitely helped me to the point to where I am today. I’m very grateful.”
Dr. Nneka Adichie
Family Practice Resident Physician
“I was not in a very supportive work environment, a toxic workplace. I was in a really bad place, I started having a lot of anxiety going to work, I hated going to work. I loved taking care of patients but I just didn’t want to anymore, it was weird especially being an attending and new and you’ve been eager it’s been all your wanted to do. I realized that wasn’t normal and that I had so much to offer. I knew I needed additional guidance. With Dr. Shola’s help I was able to identify and remove myself from the toxic environment, I learned that I am worthy to be treated with respect and I’m worthy to be happy in what I am doing. I was able to transition into an environment that I am able to thrive in. This allowed me to retap into things that I had always had interest in.”
April Ruffin, MD
Board-Certified Hospitalist, Speaker, Youth Mentor and Healthcare Advocate

The SHOLA method is the foundation of the Rock Your Medical Career program. The SHOLA method stands for Self, Head and Heart, Offshoots (relationships), Language, and Avocation. Our coaching program will help you develop your Self by understanding your strengths and values. We will guide you in aligning your Head and Heart, so you can make better decisions that align with your values. We will help you improve your relationships, both personally and professionally, and develop better communication through Language. Finally, we will help you pursue your passions and find your Avocation, creating a sense of fulfillment in your work.

Invest in yourself and join Rock Your Medical Career today!

With Rock Your Medical Career, you’ll have everything you need to take your career to the next level and achieve your personal and professional goals. Don’t settle for an unsatisfying medical career. 

Limited spaces are available, so don’t wait! 

Book your discovery call with Dr. Shola today and take the first step towards Rocking Your Medical Career. This is your chance to create the life and career you deserve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life and career. 

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Bonuses Included:

(Valued at over $1,600!)

Physician burnout is real, it’s an epidemic, and is NOT YOUR FAULT!

 Welcome to the multi-talented MD’s guide to monetizing your talents and producing multiple streams of income in a way that is authentic, fun and stress free! Welcome to Purpose and Prosperity Outside the “Medicine Box”.

(Value $797)

Ditch the guilt, create more time for yourself and reclaim your happiest life!

The Launch Your Happiest Life: Self Love Course for Doctor Moms is a comprehensive and transformational program designed specifically for physician moms who want to prioritize their happiness and well-being.

(Value $497)

This book will take you from imbalance to balance; from dissatisfaction to fulfillment; and from a place of helter-skelter to a place of peaceful purpose. ‘Physician Heal Yourself ’ will help you take a five-pillars-of-balance approach to radical self-care, in order to make you an aligned, happy, fulfilled, and successful doctor. You will experience a total makeover of your ways of thinking, which will help you avoid burnout, save time, and direct your energy appropriately.

(Value $5.99)

There is one thing that can strike fear into the heart of the most intrepid of physicians…. The ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD! 

In this Masterclass we will discuss:

  1. The Pros And Cons Of The EHR
  2. A different way to see The EHR
  3. Practical strategies to completing your charts
  4. How to take less work home

 (Value $47)

Defeat and Prevent Burnout. Create Options Outside of Traditional Medicine. Live Your Best Life!

Learn how to debunk the:

  “Doctor Brain” Myth

  I Have To “Go To School” For This Myth

  I Am My Job And My Job Is Me Myth

  Everything Has One Prescribed Way Myth

(Value $99)

Three Day Speaker Series!

With Dr Shola Ezeokoli and Physician Coaches:

  • Dr. Chiagozie Fawole
  • Dr. Stephanie Freeman
  • Dr. Jattu Senesie

This is your opportunity to hear from actual physicians who have unlocked the strategies to overcoming burnout in their own lives and the lives of their physician clients. 

(Value $99)

Learn the seven essentials to thriving as an attending by watching my Masterclass and downloading the accompanying eBook:

  1. Taming the EMR Beast
  2. The Myth of “Less Busy”
  3. The Money Myth
  4. Having a Team For Your Life
  5. Survival vs Luxury
  6. The Do-Gooder Syndrome
  7. Doing Many Things

(Value $99)

At Rock Your Medical Career, we believe that investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. We know that as a physician, your time is valuable, and we respect that. Our coaching program is designed to be efficient and effective, providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve your goals. You will leave the program feeling more confident and fulfilled in your medical career, with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

Don’t settle for a life of burnout and unfulfillment. Join the Rock Your Medical Career program today and start creating the fulfilling medical career you deserve. Enroll now to secure your spot, as limited spaces are available. Book your discovery call with Dr. Shola today and begin the journey to Rock Your Medical Career!

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About Dr. Shola Ezeokoli

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli is the multi-talented founder and CEO of Balance with Dr. Shola LLC and the Physician Heal Yourself brand. Known for her vibrant personality and innovative approach to physician coaching, Dr. Shola is passionate about helping early to mid-career physicians, and other professional women create lives of more wealth, autonomy, freedom, and fun through her work as a professional coach, speaker, and author.

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