Dr Shola’s 90 Day Physician Life And Business Intensive

Let's work together for a quick turnaround in your life and biz!

A 90-day program that helps you go to the next level, upleveling your mindset and helping you make more money in your business!

  1. Discovery of self and purpose, to make sure that your life purpose and goals are aligned.

  2. Personality tests.

  3. Mindset and confidence alignment.
  4. Foundation Strategies for time management, organization, and preventing burnout.
  1. Vision boarding and manifestation strategies
  2. Setting your goals: Short term, mid term and long term.
  3. Goal mapping, brain storming, and testing your business idea if applicable.
  4. Development of a new stream of income.
  1. Building on previous months, tweaking new strategies for the best outcomes for your life schedule and new ventures.
  2. Prevention of burnout through effective scheduling, relying on support systems and hiring strategic help
  3. Downtime and self care strategies.
  1. 1 video call per week over Zoom
  2. Recordings sent to you
  3. A text or email reminder the day before our session.

  4. Relevant assessments, tools, and agreements will be sent as needed so as not to overwhelm with all at once.

  5. Access to me via phone, email, and text.
  1. Gyrate Life Course (Video Course)
  2. Purpose and Prosperity Outside The “Medicine Box”(Video Course)
  3. Physician Heal Yourself Book
  4. Book recommendations for your personal development

What I expect from you:

  1. Showing up physically, energetically, mentally, and emotionally to each session.

  2. Punctuality
  3. Timely communication if rescheduling is needed.

  4. Zero to minimal last-minute rescheduling.

  5. Completion of homework in a timely fashion.

Welcome Home!

Schedule a private discovery call with me to discuss your goals and the challenges that are keeping you stuck. The purpose of this call is to help you get clarity on your business and lifestyle goals, find out what’s really holding you back from being successful, and see if I can help you get the results you want through one of my programs!

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