Client Success Interviews

Doyin Ajilore – Author, Child Educator, CEO and
Founder of Dreamers Academy Chicago

Laurene Dougherty – Registered Nurse and Vice President

April Ruffin, MD – Board-Certified Hospitalist, Speaker, Youth Mentor and Healthcare Advocate

Dr. Seema Harichand-Herdt, MD – Board-Certified Oncologist and Oncology Partner at Mission Blood and Cancer

Dr. Dozie Anokwute – Internist, Venture Capitalist,
Angel Investor

Dr. Lynn Amores – Family Medicine Doctor, Entrepreneur, and Writer

Dr. Eno-Nsima Obot – Functional Medicine Physician, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker

Dr. Laura Suttin – Physician, Physician Coach and CEO of Purposeful MD

Dr. Saran Wells – Pediatrician, Infectious Disease Specialist and Medical Monitor

Dr. Nneka Adichie, Family Practice Resident Physician

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